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Guitarra Eléctrica GIBSON Flying V T 2017 Ebony DSV17EBCH1



$ 23,916

$ 23,916 por


For 2017 they've got a Granadillo fretboard which is a little bit brighter sounding than normal rosewood.


To enhance the rock n roll factor of the flying V, Gibson have used Dirty Fingers pickups which are high output passive humbuckers. They will easily do rock and metal and can even be used on cleaner tones for blues. But this guitar is made to rock, and sounds particularly good under a fresh slab of distortion.

Slim taper neck

The Slim taper neck is comfortable in the hand without being too flat or too round either. The fret edges are rolled on all of the new Gibson 2017 models which makes them feel played in, straight out of the box and this is something normally found on Gibson Custom shop models.

If you're wondering how you'll carry this guitar around, it does come with a Gibson Official V shaped hard case.

Body and Neck
Solid mahogany body and neck, with thick grenadillo fingerboard. Flying V slim-taper neck profile. 22 polished frets. Acrylic dot inlays.
Pickups and Electronics
Dirty Fingers humbuckers. 2 volumes, 1 master tone, 1 toggle switch